Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hee Hee Hee ; )

Catch 33

Once you click 'play', simply touch the numbers in sequence starting from 1 to 33. Do not click the numbers, just touch them with your cursor. The object is to touch all the 33 numbers as fast as you can.

My pb is 37 seconds.
Me new pb is 35.
March 4: not bad CE, I'm at 31.
March 9: my pb is 30. Done well CE—I'll be back.

[play game]

(Thanks CE.)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Counterfeit MINI Coopers—Bum Steer

Excerpts from counterfeitmini.org:
• "Experts can uncover a MINI imposter by tracking its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). But the most effective way to spot a fake is by simply checking to see if the vehicle is ugly."
• "Many fakes look good at first glance. But look closer. Be certain the bonnet stripes are not fashioned from ordinary duct tape."
• "Quite often, the roof of a genuine MINI is customized with a flag decal. Counterfeiters know this and try to confuse buyers. If you find an actual flag on the roof, you've got an actual fake."

Buyer beware!!!

Name that Cyborg, Monster and Lover

Biomechanical Robotic Android Normally for Destruction and Efficient Mathematics

Get Your Cyborg Name

Bloodthirsty, Ravenous, Anthropologist-Nabbing, Drifter-Eating Monster

Get Your Monster Name

Beguiling Romeo Adeptly Needing Delights and Erotic Massage

Get Your Sexy Name

Move over T2, Big Foot and Romeo, you can generate way kewler names. Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Sport Briefs

Gross. Man. Gross.

Regardless of what happend in the first 3 quarters of Superbowl XVI. Missed Bears tackles. Excellent Manning signal calling. The Bears were only behind by 5 points with 11:27 remaining in the game. Chicago had a 1st and 10 on their own 38 yard line and Rex threw a bad, lousy pass and deserved to lose the game. Not to mention his couple of mishandled snaps from Pro-Bowl Center Olin Kreutz.

A sad ending to an otherwise excellent regular season and two playoff victories. Anyway, the Bears beat the Seahawks twice this year =)

+ + +

QB Superbowl Victory Not Equal QB Greatness

Quarterbacking a Superbowl team to victory does not equate to being a great quarterback. Look at all the QBs to have won the game but are not great players ... Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer, Terry Bradshaw (see Dryden brief below), for example.

Also the reverse, not having won the Superbowl does not mean subpar QB ... Dan Marino and Dan Fouts to come mind.

+ + +

Dryden's Jersey Retired

About 2-3 weeks ago, the Montreal Canadian's retired Ken Dryden's number 29 jersey.

During the ceremony, one of his former teammates, cannot recall who, said something like ... in some games, Dryden got only about 13-14 shots against him, but made key saves on about half of those shots.

I'm a Dryden fan, but he reminds of former Steelers running back Franco Harris who won four Superbowls because he was on a great team. Similarly, Dryden's 6 Stanley Cups in 8 years was also backed by a then solid Habs team.

+ + +

A couple of great, fun tv sports shows: The Best Damn Sports Show Period and Pros vs. Joes