Wednesday, August 29, 2007

May The Figures Be With You

After numerous figures and vehicles, foam cores, plaster bandages, glue gun, acrylic paints, sand, etc., my current hobby is showing some form.

I'm still working on Hoth diorama. And next will be Rebel celebration on Yanvin.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sport Briefs v.2

LB coaching from Bears' Brian Urlacher above.

My Bears have 20 of their 22 starters returning from last year ... playoff, then Superbowl bound. Pats, Cowboys, Steelers, Chargers start the bus.

Interesting stat on Rex Grossman shows that where he in his career today, is better than where Peyton Manning was in his career then.

+ + +

Michael Vick ... so let's assume Vick lands in jail for 2 years, after that no one can deny him to earn a living through his trade. Look at what Sprewell did to Carlesimo, and after that incident Spre was allowed to play again.

However, in Vick's case, a local talk radio host commented that what is going to prevent Vick from playing in the league again is the alleged betting on dogs. He adds that its that type of ethical play that has prevented Shoeless Joe and Pete Rose from entering the Hall. Because betting simply undermines the game.

Look at the NBA now with that ref caught betting on games, complicated with some problematic player incidents. Watch for some creative PR that the league will be executing this season, for sure.

+ + +

Although I only caught the radio highlights, I did not see the tv version about the uncanny phenomenon that had not occurred in pro baseball for 110 years, since 1897. This was the 30 runs that the Texas Rangers put up on the score board a few days ago as they beat the Baltimore Orioles by 27 ... 30 to 3.

The O's were leading by something like 3 nil going into the 4th. Then the uncanny ... 30 runs in 7 innings. Thirty runs. Nuts.

These are not triple A teams playing, rather pros that average about 5 runs per game. So to put up numbers 6x the average—such as a pro football team who averages 20 points then 120—is quite spectacular.

That was the first game of a doubleheader where the 2nd game resulted in a 9-7 win by the Rangers.

The record is held by the Chicago Colts with 36 runs in 1897, where they beat Louisville by 29.

+ + +

I saw Bonds' recording breaking HR ... amazing. So why put an asterisk on Bonds homeruns when baseball knew then what the players were getting into and turned a blind eye?

+ + +

Walter Payton's son Jarrett now plays for the CFL's Montreal team.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Adobe CS3 Live In Vancouver

Camera phone photo above and my “PDA and fold-away keyboard” note taking below of Adobe CS3 seminar in Vancouver.

+ + +

Adobe Seminar Aug.23.07, Sheraton Wall Centre, Vancouver

> dynamic media
> CS3, 80million lines of code, 2 yrs

> Bridge3 is like browser for elements that preview into native software

> Photoshop ... vanishing point ... open in After Effects to simulate 2-d to 3d

> PDF8 ... get this and start submitting files to Hemlock in PDF

> Indesign print to web ... html page, with css

> Fireworks creates UI for web; Illustrator is for web

> Encore ... export as blue ray , dvd

> Camera Raw CS3 ... Fill Light that lightens dark areas without masking
> Vibrance ... pops colors without flesh tones; can be done to jpg and tiff, not just raw

> lunch / shopping break

> DreamweaverCS3 ... template ... choose Doc Type; drag and drop snippets onto page;

> Contribute CS3 (small version of DW) allows template manipulation of blog sites, such as Wordpress; create blog entries off line

(Thanks for invite BC)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Kewl Merch

Submit your graphic tee design on and possibly win money plus prizes.