Thursday, August 23, 2007

Adobe CS3 Live In Vancouver

Camera phone photo above and my “PDA and fold-away keyboard” note taking below of Adobe CS3 seminar in Vancouver.

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Adobe Seminar Aug.23.07, Sheraton Wall Centre, Vancouver

> dynamic media
> CS3, 80million lines of code, 2 yrs

> Bridge3 is like browser for elements that preview into native software

> Photoshop ... vanishing point ... open in After Effects to simulate 2-d to 3d

> PDF8 ... get this and start submitting files to Hemlock in PDF

> Indesign print to web ... html page, with css

> Fireworks creates UI for web; Illustrator is for web

> Encore ... export as blue ray , dvd

> Camera Raw CS3 ... Fill Light that lightens dark areas without masking
> Vibrance ... pops colors without flesh tones; can be done to jpg and tiff, not just raw

> lunch / shopping break

> DreamweaverCS3 ... template ... choose Doc Type; drag and drop snippets onto page;

> Contribute CS3 (small version of DW) allows template manipulation of blog sites, such as Wordpress; create blog entries off line

(Thanks for invite BC)

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