Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bear Down

My Chicago Bears are finally on its way to great playoff football. No I have not taped my ankles and jumped on the band wagon. I have been a fan of the Bears since the Payton days.

Monday Night Football tomorrow will have B. in St. Louis. Some analysts are saying that if Grossman plays bad in the first half, he should get benched for the 2nd string qb Greise -- who some say that he is the best #2 qb in the league. Hell, he has no game experience this year.

Should be an interesting game tomorrow. I say Bears will represent NFC in Superbowl, if they don't -- I owe a co-worker lunch as he is picking the Cowboys.

(btw, I don't know how effective I'll be at blogging, but this is my first attempt.)


minus five said...

i regret to inform you that i am a cowboys fan.

mel buenaventura said...

Then we have a friendly bet as NY is too far from BC for an actual free lunch for me when the Boys lose to the Bears.

Game on.

Hey, your Vince Young is the saviour of the Titans. He was unconscious in the last couple of weeks. Turned in some great plays.

Anonymous said...

If it goes our way, it looks like your Bears will be meeting our Chargers at the Superbowl!!! Unlike our past trip to our previous SB though, we are definitely going to be ready to play. That will be a great game indeed!! I am just so happy for our Chargers with LT getting the crown for most TD's and counting!!


brand 'em' said...

Alex, you guys are too spoiled down there in San Diego ... the Chargers are winning, the weather is nice and you're riding your Ducati.

Chargers look strong in the AFC. Btwn them, Colts and Ravens.

I'm still a firm believer that defense wins games.

We'll see in the playoffs. Go Bears.

Anonymous said...

Defence wins championships but Grossman just might lose it for Da Bears...Looks like San Diego's year...GO SEAHAWKS, Mang Tomas.

brand 'em' said...

Jon, is that you? Funny guy.

Hey, I need to say it ...

"The Joy of Rex"

Rex Grossman wins big for the Bears tonight. Grrr.

Anonymous said...

"Grossman wins big"
That was defence and special teams that won that game! Grossman was 13 of 23 (57%) for 200 yards and two TD passes; not exactly "big" numbers.

Bulger was 34 for 55 (62%) for 356 yards and three TD passes, in the loss.

cousin Melv

brand 'em' said...

Manuel, those numbers are fine. As long has he didn't throw i-n-ts B fans can live with that. Once they had the lead, they played conservative, ground ball.

Plus Bears D will get back Vasher this week.

Bs are peaking at the right time.

Geez, what happened to your Pats. And their TE got injured too. Ben Watson (?).

Anonymous said...

Bears have a shot if Grossman channels his inner Trent Dilfer of Ravens' 2000: Stay conservative, and don't blow it for your defence. Just play like you're already leading 7-0 at the start of the game.

cuzzin enric

brand 'em' said...

Thanks Enrique.
'85 Bs were not that great on O too with McMahon.

Hey, you need a blog. It's easy 'n fun.

Like my suggested blog title for Sam ...
SEX Blog, where Sports & E-bay X-over

Anonymous said...

Before you plan the parade route; of the NFC teams that the Bears have beaten, only the NY Giants (7-6) have a better than .500 record.

And, in case you've forgotten, my Pats defeated your Bears, in week 12!

And the Bears other loss, was to the powerhouse Dolphins, in Chicago!

cuzzin Melv

brand 'em' said...

Blade Runner ... Michael Jordan missed some regular season shots and sank the championship ones.

Anonymous said...

Another decisive win over a Florida powerhouse, Tampa Bay ... NOT!

Sorry, I can't see the Bears as serious Super Bowl champs unless they can beat a better than .500 team.

cousin Melv

Mang Tomas said...

4th Qtr. with 9mins left - It's Griese-Time...need to bench Grossman or the championship is Indy's...

brand 'em' said...

True Jon. Grossman played bad, but Smith is not that type of coach to just Bench Grossman, after all Grossman got them to the Bowl without Griese's help.

Griese came in during last game of the season vs. Packers and played badly.

Also, sending a new QB off the bench that late in the game is risky. And what would that do to Grossman's relationship with team for the next season (?).

Griese's QB rating for the season was 62 and Grossman was 72.9.

At least your Hawks were creamed 2x by my Bears. =)