Sunday, December 17, 2006

E-mail Overload

Via GDC BC Blog:

Lowered I.Q. and Bad Manners Caused by Obsessive Communication

An article in The Guardian, a leading British newspaper, in April 2004 reveals that how you handle e-mails can affect your I.Q. The study used 1,100 people and was carried out by psychologists at Kings College, London University, on behalf of Hewlett Packard. The purpose was to see the effect of constant distractions on productivity and concentration. [more]


Anonymous said...

I find this interesting. Of course is does not address other factors demmanding immediate attention. (Like the owner of this blogsite constantly "popping" into your office to see if you have read his latest blog!)
Kidding Mel,

brand 'em' said...

Mr. "winner of the Dudley Moore look-a-like contest", I am gobsmacked my such a comment. Are you equating me to those annonying, internet pop-up ads?

Anonymous said...
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brand 'em' said...

MG, I cannot allow such retort ... I'm shocked.