Sunday, April 22, 2007

Buzz About Wentworth Miller Fuzz

My cousin's daughter and her friend, who have requested to remain anonymous, conceptualized and pieced together a collection of lint from their dryer in the 'likeness' of Wentworth Miller, Fox's star of Prison Break.

Both U of Toronto students then sold the lint on eBay for $650cdn, which is currently a hot topic on the net.

(Thanks LC and AC)


Anonymous said...

I believe the report is more "apparently they have sold it on ebay for $650". What's interesting about this is reading some of the blogs where people believe it to have been a serious ebay posting and they are enraged. Deep breathing and other calming exercises need to be introduced into the school curriculum. Some people are wound way too tightly.

brand 'em' said...

>> Some people are wound way too tightly.

The lint figure looks rather 'lose' to me, anon.

brand 'em' said...

Erratum to above ... 'loose'.

I pondered over the concept of creating a 'likeness' of the Miller lint using quality, British Columbia air and storing it in a mayo jar then selling it on eBay.

That would be ... life (qua art), imitating art, imitating life.