Saturday, April 21, 2007

See Barry Run

10 yrs.; 15,269 yds. rushing; 4.98 avg.; 99 TDs; 5'8" tall

By comparison:
• Emmit Smith; 15 yrs.; 18,355 yds. rushing; 164 TDs; 4.16 avg.
• Walter Payton; 13; 16,726; 110; 4.35
• Eric Dickerson; 12; 13,259; 90; 4.42
• Tony Dorsett; 12; 12,739; 77; 4.33
• Jim Brown; 9; 12,312; 106; 5.21


Anonymous said...

Too bad he had such a short career and had to play on a bad team!

cuzin Melv

brand 'em' said...

Supposedly the losses got to him and forced an early retirement while still in his prime, age 31.

Sanders was the best, pure running back as a runner. But Payton was the best overall back ... runner, blocker, receiver, returner, passer, punter and even field goal kicker.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that's unreal running. He makes you wonder how anyone ever stopped him.

Any luck finding any OJ clips? I remember clips of him in his prime, in another life.


brand 'em' said...

OJ as a runner was great, but it's his current brand that's controversial.