Saturday, April 28, 2007

Uber Kewl

Feist, "1234"

(Via Kaitlyn + Kelsey)


Anonymous said...

tres cool! I saw Feist with Broken Social Scene last year in TO and she was fantastic.

brand 'em' said...

You're lucky, anon.

I'm trying to get 2 tix for her Vancouver gig on May 16 but no luck.

According to music reviewers, Feist will be the sound this summer.

This one is from's review of her lastest disc ... "When Leslie Feist released her breakthrough Let It Die, almost instantly she became an indie icon. Her pretty, sometimes melancholic love songs, her clear, campfire voice, and her vaguely jazz- and disco-influenced arrangements (highlighted no better than with her cover of the Bee Gees' "Inside and Out"), and her association with darlings Broken Social Scene wooed critics and music fans alike. Her follow-up, The Reminder, will serve as proof that Feist's success was no fluke, as the album contains more of the same sweet, introspective lyrics and chords that float around love and longing (or lack thereof) like cottonwood seeds in late spring. ..."

Kaitlyn said...

Feist plugging is the best kind of plugging possible.

I've seen her several times live already. And I'm seeing her May 19 when she's in Calgary again. I'm officially a fangirl. I aspire to be a groupie, but I have yet to muster up the courage. *sigh*

You MUST see her live! She's even better live.

Kelsey said...

Hey Kuya! I'm glad you like the sound of Feist.

Doesn't "1 2 3 4" make you want to buy an orange coloured jumpsuit and dance? =P

brand 'em' said...

Both of you are definitely hipsters.

We are trying to get tix but cannot find any for upcoming Vancouver show.

Kaitlyn, take some digi pics for me and I'll post on this blog and credit your shots. Er, if possible (?).

Orange jump suit, like Pantone 021?, then that'll match my Mini Cooper Ragtop. Good idea Kelsey. In fact, I have a Nike orange, 1st generation Rift shoe and also 2 dif. pairs of orange Pumas. Seriously. Yikes, scary. ; )

I think I may mix Feist with Arcade Fire's debut disc.

Thanks again to you both for introducing Feist to my ears.