Wednesday, May 2, 2007

MarCom Notes


As I continue to grow in my Marketing Communications career,
which is a lifelong journey into itself, I personally now have defined
'Branding' as ... "the personality of a product / service that is communicated to its targets through chosen media".

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Yugo Nakamura

About 4-5 years ago, I once heard that when Macromedia (creators of Flash, Freehand, Fireworks, to name a few), was up for sale, IBM, Adobe and Microsoft were in the running to purchase the company, which was really the battle to acquire the savior of the universe, according to July 2001 issue of cre@teonline) ... Flash. And Adobe ended up purchasing the company as Adobe’s objectives were better suited to Macromedia’s products than the other two companies’ objectives.

As an aside, I once met one of the founders of Macromedia at a tech function; and he told me that when they sold the company to suits, all they were interested in were investors rather than better enhancing the applications. Perhaps that was how Macromedia eventually became for sale.

Now, Flash is ubiquitous, from YouTube to pedagogic industrial products, to media disc authoring and everything in between.

That brief Flash segue leads me to the surreal work of Japanese, Flash master and interface designer Yugo Nakamura, who has won many prestigious awards including NY Art Director’s Club, Clio and Cannes Lions. And his digital creations have been displayed in renowned London and Paris museums.

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